About Samsung B2100

The Samsung B2100 is made to be durable and survive in any weather condition. This lightweight, stylish phone is both dust proof and waterproof and is ideal for those working in the construction business or competing in sports. Made of shock resistant materials including Urethane it can survive drops, can be immersed in up to 1 metre of water and can withstand temperatures between -20 and +60 degrees Celsius, a true fighting machine. Inside the rubber grip handset is a 1.3 mega pixel camera, MP3

Samsung B2100 Features

Samsung rose as an international corporation during the 1990s, acquiring several businesses overseas. It bobbed and weaved successfully through the vicissitudes of the Asian and global market economies over the years and expanded production dramatically t

PhoneNetworkMins & TextsDeal InformationMonthly CostGiftAction
Samsung B2100
Anytime Talk 10 24 Month 24m contract £10 per month
100 Minutes 500 Texts 0 MB Data 100 minutes and 500 texts per month
Total contract cost over 24 months £240
Free Handset

Samsung B2100
Anytime Text 15 24 Months 24m contract £15 per month
300 Minutes 0 Texts 0 MB Data 300 minutes and 0 texts per month
Total contract cost over 24 months £360
Free Handset

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Speed:Up to 3.6Mbps
Limit: 3GB
£10 for first 3 months

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