3 Mobile Broadband
With 3 Mobile broadband, you can go online wherever you are. 3 Mobile Turbo networks allow you to get broadband speeds of up to 7.2Mbps. Just plug the USB modem dongle into your laptop and start browsing the net when you are on the move. 3 Mobile broadband offers come with flexible options that can suit your individual needs. 3 Mobile service is certainly for those who love choices - whether in monthly data usage or contracts. With monthly download allowances ranging between 1GB and 15GB, it is definitely a matter of choice depending on your needs. There is also plenty of Pay As You Go options, if you simply do not want to commit to 12 or 18 month contract.
Mobile Package
ProviderTitleDownload LimitSpeedMonthly CostDetail
3 Mobile Broadband(Fre15GB7.2Mb30.00
3 Mobile Broadband 5GB5GB 7.2Mb12.00
3 Mobile Broadband 1GB7.2Mb7.50
3 Mobile Broadband1GB7.2Mb17.50
3 Mobile Broadband5GB7.2Mb40.00
3 Mobile Broadband5GB7.2Mb35.00
3 Mobile Broadband15GB7.2Mb40.00
3 Mobile Broadband15GB7.2Mb15.00
3 Mobile Broadband15GB7.2Mb35.00
3 Mobile Broadband15GB7.2Mb20.00
3 Mobile Broadband5GB7.2Mb15.00
3 Mobile Broadband1GB7.2Mb7.50
Free Samsung+DVD Bundle5GB7.2Mb30.00
Mobile Broadband Plus+Usb3GB4.5Mb8.51
Pay Monthly 3GB3GB4MB15.00
T Mobile Broadband Plus3GB4.5Mb10.00
T Mobile Wireless Pointer2GB7.2Mb 15.00
T-Mobile Broadband Plus1GB3Mb20.00
T-Mobile Broadband Plus4GB3Mb15.00
T-Mobile Mobile Broadband1GB3Mb20.00
T-Mobile Mobile BroadbandUnlimited3.6Mb8.99
T-Mobile Mobile Broadband2GB4.5Mb10.00
T-Mobile Mobile Broadband2GB4.5Mb10.00
T-Mobile Mobile Broadband4GB3Mb25.00
T-Mobile Mobile Broadband3GB7.2Mb10.00
T-Mobile Mobile Broadband2GB4.5Mb10.00
T-Mobile Mobile Broadband3GB4.5Mb140.46
T-Mobile Mobile Broadband4GB3Mb25.00
T-Mobile Mobile Broadband3GB4.5Mb10.51


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Speed:Up to 3.6Mbps
Limit: 3GB
£10 for first 3 months

Mobile Package

Mobile Broadband Provider

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