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Mobile Package
ProviderTitleDownload LimitSpeedMonthly CostDetail
Dolphin 1GB (1 Month)1GB7.2Mb15.00
Dolphin 1GB (12 Months)1GB 7.2Mb 15.00
Orange mobile Broadband2GB7.2Mb10.00
Orange mobile Broadband3GB7.2Mb15.00
Panther UnlimitedUnlimited 7.2Mb35.00
Racoon-1GB(1 month)1GB7.2Mb10.00
Racoon-500MB(12 Months)1GB 7.2Mb 10.00


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Speed:Up to 3.6Mbps
Limit: 3GB
£10 for first 3 months

Mobile Package

Mobile Broadband Provider

3 Mobile Broadband Orange Virgin Media
Vodafone O2 Broadband T-Mobile