Virgin Media
Virgin Media Broadband Virgin Media is the second largest UK broadband provider after BT and the first UK ISP to launch quad play service in the UK. The cable internet provider now offers high speed, fibre optic broadband of up to 50mb that can be bundled with other services like home phone, mobile and digital TV at unbelievably cheaper prices. In terms of broadband speeds, Virgin Media is one of the most reliable broadband service provider and its super-fast broadband packages are comparable with ADSL 2+ broadband of O2 or Be. Not stopping with their popular bundled deals, Virgin Media has also stormed into the UK mobile broadband market by launching mobile broadband offerings for its customers.
Mobile Package
ProviderTitleDownload LimitSpeedMonthly CostDetail
Virgin Mobile Broadband 1GB7.2Mb10.00
Virgin Mobile Broadband 3GB7.2Mb15.00
Virgin Mobile Broadband 1GB7.2Mb10.00
Virgin Mobile Broadband 11GB 7.2Mb 10.21
Virgin Mobile Broadband 33GB 7.2Mb15.32
Virgin Mobile Broadband 33GB7.2Mb150.00


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Speed:Up to 3.6Mbps
Limit: 3GB
£10 for first 3 months

Mobile Package

Mobile Broadband Provider

3 Mobile Broadband Orange Virgin Media
Vodafone O2 Broadband T-Mobile